Buying into Local LLM

Quick Guide to Local LLM Models

Hey there! Ready to jump into the world of Local LLM models? Here’s a quick-and-easy rundown of the best tools and resources to get you started:

Hardware Options

  1. NVIDIA 3060 (12GB) - Roughly $250
    • Great for 4bit 13B models. Solid choice for beginners or the budget-conscious.
  2. NVIDIA 3090 (or the elusive 4090) - Around $1500
    • For those aiming higher, it’s perfect for the 4bit 30B models.
  3. Mac Studio with 64GB RAM - Circa $2400
    • Apple’s offering for those who appreciate the shared memory with the GPU. Still catching up, but a formidable choice for many.

Handy Software Tools

  • LLaMa.cpp: The popular choice among enthusiasts. There’s some buzz about its creator being pretty Apple-friendly.

  • Text Generation Web UI: If you prefer a smoother interface for models and training, this is for you.

Meet the Quantization Guru


LocalLLaMA subreddit: Dive into the birthplace of LLMs. This /r is your go-to for the latest hotness in the LLM world.

Happy AI-ing!